Why Every DJ should understand the flow of Ecstatic Dance

When we hear music we all have a specific dance movement for its rhythm or beat but have you heard about ecstatic dance? If you don’t, let me define it for you first. Ecstatic dance is a form of dancing that doesn’t require certain steps or movements, it is more on creating your own and how you interpret the music. Take note when you join this kind of dance event it is usually done in the morning or early in the evenings without alcohol or drug influence, you can only have tea or water and you can do it by partners or just dancing on your own. It is more of the individuality on how you take yourself to the rhythm of the music. The production of the music is handled by high quality DJs and the event takes about one to three hours like a club but the only difference is that, there’s no talking and if you do want to interact with others you have to connect with them through dance movements. The other difference to this certain event is that there’s no photographs allowed, just the DJ, people, dance floor and music.

Ecstatic dance has been known all over the world could either be in big or small places. The top 100 DJs in Florida have learned that when it comes to Ecstatic dancing, it is more of the diversity of music genres which they are able to flourish their creativity and they must know how to establish the proper structure of the soundtrack to keep the people from moving naturally and for longer hours. Based on the Djtechtools there are 5 arcs of rhythms which are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. Each of these arc rhythms have its own sequence and peaks that’s why well experienced DJs are able to understand how this flows go and why they existed in such events, to adapt and respond to its intensity of the environment and their creativity to music.