The requirement of specialized gaming edition for Windows 10

The gaming future of Windows

Gaming is one of the pivotal aspects for which some PC players today prefer the OS of Windows for their PCs or laptops. Considering gaming as one of the key pillars for the development of consumer-based products, Microsoft rolled out newer features in Windows 10 exclusive to gaming only, like Game Mode, Direct X 12 and many more. Having adaptability for both high-end as well as the affordable hardware devices, this version garnered quite good response from the crowd. Still, there is a sect of gamers demanding a specific version of Windows for DominoQQ and fun, and thus this article primarily aims at why it should be developed in the first place.

The reasons

The following are the broad reasons for which Windows should go for specialized gaming edition of Windows 10, rather than keeping it as just a small feature of the OS: –

  • Enhanced usability by the players, as it involves faster loading and launching of the games and thus offers a specific graphic user interface suitable only for It can also improvise the overall control with the gaming consoles for online gaming.
  • Enhanced performance of the games on the respective devices, with the dedicated OS bringing, required changes in the configurations of hardware and software that can ensure of seamless gameplay by the players without having to face the issues like game lag, frequent hangs, etc.
  • Getting the perfect platform for the required mod support, which was otherwise not possible in the conventional OS and hence posed problems in the Windows Store. With the dedicated gaming edition, all forms of games, be it single player or multiplayer online gaming can be downloaded easily from the app store.

Thus, the mentioned reasons sum up pretty well on the purposes for which there should be a specialized gaming edition of Windows 10.