14 Worryingly Immersive Gaming Experiences

Judi Online can be really interactive and immersive at times. But, people have been known to have critical physical conditions due to their over involvement in the world of gaming.

Here are some of the worst immersive experiences players have had while playing video games:

  1. Player Geeayche experienced a panic attack while playing Amnesia while trying to avoid sinking in water in the game.
  2. Lucysena experienced a shout out while playing Skyrim in dark with headphones on at maximum volume.
  3. WraithCadmus was playing Thief: The Dark Project asked his roommate to stay quiet because the guard in the game might listen.
  4. Valley Pete played Medal of Honor Frontline to explain his friends and classmates about the experiences of people during D-day.
  5. Peterpeterny waited for a song to finish in his car radio while on a mission in GTA 5.
  6. Marklar Music was killed by a mountain lion in The West, only to realize that he is not dead in real life.
  7. The blocks in tetris can appear to be falling into your room if you close your eyes after a long session. You may have to arrange them to win points or to ignore them.
  8. Spaceflora freaked out when the goddess in the end of Assassin’s Creed starts to look into the screen while talking to one of the characters.
  9. Zulu-bunsen waited for five minutes while playing Omega Flowey fight while his screen froze, thinking it is in the game.
  10. ReynT1me heard a thunder while playing Fallout NV and ignored because he thought it was in the game. A pipe had burst in the basement.
  11. AlphaPi kept on staring at the city from the top in Dishonored.
  12. TheMailmanCometh felt like driving through the city while playing Star Wars Galaxies.
  13. Bucklax 31 felt that something needs to be done to save the characters during Mass Effect 3, emotionally!
  14. Cu3ed started shouting to fellow soldiers during Titanfall 2.