9 Unique Ways To Use Business Signage To Promote Your Company

Signage has always been a crucial aspect of business promotional campaigns. You can use them in versatile ways to grab attention of your niche.  Here are some unique ways to use signage that will make your store stand out.

Reader boards

Reader boards are ready by people and hence they are always an excellent avenue for signage ideas. if you are planning a text-only signage, reader board will be a great choice.

Window letterings & graphics

If you are short on budget yet want a pulling signage, use your windows to feature promotional letterings & graphic visuals for your company. There are Brisbane signage companies that offer professionally designed promotional graphics for signage needs.


Canopies are huge in size and hence tend to draw attention easily which makes them amazing for business signage ideas. Also, a huge canopy perched in top of your store doorway will help to give shelter to customers. And that means they will take notice of the canopy as well as the promotional message on it.

Channel Letters

These 3D acrylic letters are mostly backed by LED lighting for an eye-catching display. You can use them as both outdoor and indoor signage.

3D designs

3D signage designs are great when you are looking for that extra pop with your promotional layout. You can use both letters and relevant objects for that pop.

Wayfinder or directional signage

These signs are located at crossroads and main turning points where people look for directions.  As a result a signage designed as wayfinder is sure to grab immediate attention.

Floor signs

People tend to look at the ground while they step into a new location (read new store). Thus, floor signage will make an effective promotional tool.

Architectural signs

These kinds of signs are designed as an extension of the overall building of the company. They are mostly constructed on the rooftop and are featured as the lettering or logo of the business.

Blade signs

Blade signs stand out easily given their very placement. They are hung perpendicular to the wall of a building and work to guide potential clients to the store.