Different Types Of round Rug Based On Weaving Techniques Used

To select the rug that suits you best, here are some different kinds of round rug that you might encounter:

  • Type 1: Hand-Knotted Round rug

The most common form of such rug is the Persian round rug. They are created by making knots into the fabric but folding and cutting with deft.

Creating such round rug requires oodles of patience and skill. For every square inch of the surface of a rug, there are 100 to 800 handmade knots! Extrapolate to a room-sized rug and you have around 3 million knots on the whole rug. Average time taken for a single person is well over one year.

  • Type 2: Hand-Loomed and Weaved

They are made with the help of a loom and around 4 people can work on a rug if it is too large. The make use of a flat weave done by weaving weft and warp together.

  • Type 3: Hand-Tufted Round rug

A fabric that has small squares already woven into it is used. It is similar to loom weaved round rug.

After hanging the fabric and stretching, a tufting gun is shot which contains the yarn. This yarn is then shaved to create the pile.

  • Type 4: Hand-Hooked Rug

They also use fabric (like the previous rug) and a hook tool is required.

In the front of a fabric, the tool is sifted through the fabric, the tool then pulls the fabric to the front again. It is done to make loops.

  • Type 5:Flat weaveRound rug

A Flat weave is also established by making a knot. These are very similar to Hand-Knotted round rug. Rather than cutting the yarn after every alternate loop, the knot is allowed to take its own course.

Sometimes a combination of Hand-Knotted and FlatweaveRound rug are made.