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What Is Qi Charging?

If you are interested in purchasing wireless chargers, one of the most common among the set of choices include Qi charging. It is one of the innovations that has let to wireless charging become a reality, more than just a fantasy. With that said, it is now hailed as the global standard to charge phone batteries in a wireless manner. This is actually quite similar to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with them both serving as standards for wireless file transfer, and internet connectivity, respectively. With that said, a qi charger is one term that you’d most definitely come across in the world of wireless charging.

What exactly is it?

Pronounced as “chee”, qi is characterized by the use of inductive charging to power up electronic gadgets without the need for the standard cords and adapters for charging. It is able to charge for distances as far as 1.6 inches, which means that you would usually have to place your device on top of a dock to enable such. This technology is developed by, and made a standard by the Wireless Power Consortium. The main technology used here is resonant inductive coupling.

Who uses it?

There are quite a lot of brands which are compatible with qi charging nowadays. If you are using units from brands such as LG Electronics, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola Mobility, Sony, Huawei, Apple, and Sony, then you are in luck. Hopefully, in the future, more brands would be capable of adapting to this technology.

When did it begin?

The beginnings of wireless charging could be traced back 9 years ago, 2008 to be exact. As of last year, it has managed to incorporate itself into more than 140 smartphones, tablets, and several other electronic devices. The earliest adaptation of wireless charging is the Lumia 920 phone way back 2012.

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