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Meeting New People With Okcupid

Going out and meeting new people, as friends or something more, is easier said than done especially if you don’t actually do it too often. Not everyone is able to strike up interesting conversations with strangers. For people that are awkward and prefer being hidden behind devices during these kind of initial conversation, dating apps are the perfect answer. OkCupid is one of the top dating apps and we’ll tell you why.


One of only a handful of dating apps that don’t require Facebook accounts from users during sign up, you’ll be able to immediately type in your preferred username and fill out a long and incredibly detailed profile; users also have the option to link their Instagram account. The user can choose to answer some of the questions; it involves supplying your answer and providing the answer that you want your potential match to have. By answer these questions, a percentile score is created and users will see their compatibility with other users. Answers can be displayed or hidden and you might want to note the importance of each question to you.

All the available options, like viewing profiles and opening the settings is located on the slide-out menu. Whenever you feel like browsing for potential matches, just tap the option for ‘matches’; take note that it doesn’t display the people that you’ve matched with, instead potential matches. For some, the interface is quite confusing and there’s a lot going on, luckily there’s a ‘quickmatch’ option. What this does is restrict all the results to the photos. When someone catches your attention, you can message or like them. In OkCupid, anyone can message you and vice versa. As for the recent visitors on your profile, you’ll only be able to see the last five and no one beyond that.

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