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What to Know About Email Analytics

Email analytics is not common knowledge and you won’t typically learn about it if you don’t actually invest the proper time and effort to read up on the information. Much like the majority of analytics, email analytics features tons of numbers and not all of them will make sense at first. Some of you are questioning whether or not email analytics is worth your time. Email analytics provides access to a list featuring people who took the time to open the email that you sent out alongside the minutes that they spent on it. But what else can we get from email analytics?

The Ideal Time to Send Out Emails

As we mentioned, you’ll be able to see the exact date and time when subscribers or the audience opened the email. Study the time when the target market usually opens the email and send out the scheduled emails around the time that majority of people will likely see or bother reading it. The email analytics services typically offer a ‘Best Time to Send’ options that takes care of the task of sending out emails during the optimal time; the optimal time is solely based on when contacts opened their emails in the past. We highly recommend finding the best time to send it and be consistent with sending, so much so that the target audience will expect the emails.

What Device do People Use in Reading Your Emails?

We know that you’re familiar with how often people access their emails on their mobile devices compared to other devices. But take note that the numbers will likely vary depending on the audience that you’re targeting. Open the ‘Campaigns’ tabs in order to see the number of people opening the emails on mobile devices compared to desktop computers. The stats are constantly updated to display data coming from the five latest campaigns.

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