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Frequently Asked Questions On Player Auctions

Player Auctions is known as one of the leading ecommerce platform when it comes to trading products involving major games. Since 1999 they have helped buyers and sellers safely transact with each other regardless of the location; included in their offered products include Rocket League Trading. We know that you will have questions regarding the purchase and we might be able to answer some of them.

Who Will I Purchase from?

Buyers purchase directly from other players other players as well as PowerSellers. But for added protection, Player Auctions doesn’t directly send the payments from the buyers to the sellers; this restriction makes them one of the safest trading platforms around. Instead, the payments are directly sent to Player Auctions where it’s then secured by PlayerGuardian. All that’s left for them to do is wait for confirmations from the buyer and the seller; the seller will confirm that they product is sent and the buyer has to also confirm that they have received the product before the transaction can be considered complete.

Why Do Prices Always Change?

Prices are not set by Player Auctions but by the sellers themselves so they can offer their products at any price that they want. Just like with stocks and many other products, prices will go up and down depending on the supply and demand.

When Will the Seller Deliver?

Buyers can refer to the average delivery speed of the seller to estimate how quick the seller can actually deliver the product. Average delivery speed is calculated by Player Auction after they accomplish at least five successful deliveries. Player Auctions allows the sellers to display their guaranteed delivery period and that’s basically a promise to the buyers. Take note that the specified delivery time can’t always be followed due to varying factors but Player Auctions do encourage the buyers to coordinate with the seller.

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