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The Best Cell Phone Spyware

The “Best” in products, services and basically everything else depends on the opinion of the person asked. So when it comes to the best cell phone spyware, everyone will have different opinions. But if you’re someone who usually equates the ‘best’ with the number of features involved as well as efficiency, then the best cell phone spyware for you would be the FlexiSPY.


Compared to most of the spyware available in the market, FlexiSPY offers more features than you can possibly need. People prefer FlexiSPY because of its Call Interception feature; the features allow the user actually record and listen to calls without the owner of the device finding out. But there is one catch, the user has to either root or jailbreak the phone that they’re targeting or otherwise they won’t be able to install the spyware. Basically, you have to root their Android phone or jailbreak their iPhone before you can begin installing the spyware. After successfully installing FlexiSPY, it’ll begin to silently run in the background and monitor or check every activity. FlexiSPY records a ton of information like the call history, message on applications, text messages, GPS location, emails, social media and photos.

FlexiSPY has been available since 2005 and constantly places high in numerous reviews. Premium and Extreme are the two versions that FlexiSPY is available in. The premium version offers all the basic features that you’ll need from spyware. Meanwhile, the extreme version contains more advanced features. We highly recommend that you really think about purchasing FlexiSPY and consider if you actually need it or not because it can’t be considered as cheap; the premium version will cost you $149 and the extreme version goes for $349. Also, if you don;t know how to jailbreak or root a phone, we recommend starting from there.

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