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How To Get A Ton Of Followers Of Twitter!

With social media ruling the roost in terms of reach and connectivity, it is rare to see any individual who refrains from using the same to express individuality. Being popular on social media often translates to an unknown sense of accomplishment; after all everybody likes public acceptance. Twitter is the biggest platform which stands true to this perception and accumulating a humungous number of followers is the latest fad. Are you new to social media? Do no fret! Here are a pointers on how to get a ton of followers on Twitter

The first step is to design your profile in a way that captures attention in a good way. Tweeting every 60 seconds is not the way to go about; in fact this technique is counter-productive. Once you have a profile with a decent picture and cover photo, half the work is done. Then comes the bio. Crisp, short and funny are the keywords when it comes to selecting a good bio. It could reflect your likes, dislikes or just a thought but most importantly, it should stick with the reader. Now we come to the actual tweets. Posting 300 odd tweets describing every mundane activity on your schedule is not just boring but can also make your followers unfollow you at the drop of a hat. Tweeting 5-10 times a day and making each tweet gold in terms of quality is the way to go. Choosing the topic to tweet on is also crucial; choosing a trending topic will help you amass thousands of followers if your thought is liked and well-received.

Another trick is to make use of hashtags wherever necessary but again, too many of these would be like allowing too many cooks to spoil the broth. Accompanying your Twitter account could be your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat profiles. After all, the higher the number of platforms, the wider your reach! So go ahead and enjoy those moments of fame by trying these tricks!

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