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A Thin Bezel Gaming Monitor from Dell

For those of you who are not that familiar, a ‘thin bezel monitor’ is a monitor with incredibly thin borders. See those bezels around your computer screen? It’s their job to both hold and protect the screen; hence a monitor without a bezel is impossible to create with the technology of today. But what manufacturers did was design and develop monitors with incredible narrow bezels. Gamers even rave about certain thin bezel gaming monitors available in the market. When gaming monitor brands are concerned, you can almost always never go with Dell; it’s an established brand, famous for quality and features.

Dell Gaming S2716DG

Compared to many other thin bezel gaming monitors, the Dell Gaming S2716DG belongs to a higher price range but for all the right reasons. Featuring a 2560 x 1440 resolution, fully adjustable stand and Nvidia G-Sync technology this monitor was specifically designed to enhance your entire gaming experience. But that’s just some of its features, it also takes pride in a refresh rate of 144 Hz which enables a jitter free graphics experience; all thanks to the built in TN panel, the Dell Gaming S2716DG is considered as having one of the quickest response time of 1 ms.

At first, you might be disappointed with the color display but please keep in mind that you need to calibrate the entire Nvidia control panel and Dell monitor setting. Also, downloading the latest driver for your monitor will do wonders; the driver is available at Dell’s official website. There are some drawbacks and the most obvious one would be the price of the monitor but it’s not that surprising since it’s far from an ordinary monitor. Another would be the requirement of a quality graphics card; not all graphics cards can support the monitor’s G-Sync functionality.

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