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The State of Maine on Legalizing Weed

Since 2012, there has been in increasing number of states that legalized weed. Regardless if it was for recreational or medical uses, weed has become legal in more than one place. During the marijuana bill polls in Maine, the stakes were high but now the residents can even get higher. Maine is one of the most recent states that legalized weed, since it’s still early there are no marijuana stores just yet and the first one might open sometime in 2018.

Marijuana in Maine

After Maine placed recreational marijuana in the ballot, it almost didn’t make it through at 3,995 votes but as of January 2017 it’s officially legal. Voters chose yes to the first question; 50.3% of the majority vote. The result was recounted last December 21. Now, adults aged over 21 can poses 2 ½ ounces of weed; this is twice as much weed, compared to what other states allow. Weed can be legally purchased from retail dispensers or social clubs. Weed can be freely consumed by anyone in Maine, provided that they’re in a private residence or non-public area.

As we mentioned, retail sales have been pushed back to 2018 in order to provide the government enough time to write, review and implement relevant laws governing the industry. So this basically means that you can use and poses marijuana in Maine but it’s illegal to sell them. When the time comes that the government officially opens legal marijuana stores, every purchase will contain a 10% sales tax and 98% of the revenue will go directly to a general fund; not only can you enjoy weed, but you’re even helping out the government with your purchase. Since 1999, Marijuana for medical usage has been legal in Maine, but all their previous attempts to legalizes marijuana for recreational purposes has been al for not.

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