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Top 3 Pizzelle Makers Reviews

Crispy, crunchy and sweet…the Italian pizzelles are one of the best snacks you can enjoy on any day. This is a traditional Italian wafer styled cookie that tastes so good even today. In the past, women used the cast iron pizzelle makers with long handles and hand to stand by the fire for long to make those delicacies. Thankfully, it is much easier today to make your pizzelle with an electric pizzelle maker. In this article, I bring for you some of the best pizzelle makers reviews.

#1. Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic

This is a pizzelle maker manufactured in the USA. It comes with 2 aluminum plates. We like the simple design and basic construction of the product. It comes with 5 year warranty. It is made of cast iron material which is durable. You can use it to make 5-inch think cookies at a time to share with your loved ones. However the downside is that it makes thick cookies and there’s so space for the batter to overflow. The return policy of the company is not good.

#2. Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle

This is a smart and electric Pizzelle maker that can be used to make two delicious cookies at once. It is made of stainless steel material. You can use it to create a quick snack for kids after school. It comes with a cook book containing instructions and recipes. It also comes with a measuring spoon and there are dowels to help you get the measurements right. On the downside, the latch can come off easily and the plates are too small.

#3. CucinaPro Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker

This is a non-stick Pizzelle Maker and a cook’s ultimate delight. You can make two 5 inch cookies with ease. It delivers a great texture and adds crispiness to the cookies. It lacks indicator, uniformity and the cord tends to burn out easily.

We hope the above pizzelle makers reviews help you choose the product that’s right for you.

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