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Fee You Should Pay For Vietnam Visa Online

The process of getting visa includes two types of fees such as; application fee and stamp fee. Firstly applicant is liable to pay application fee with Vietnam visa online application form. He is able to pay the application fee with the help of online sources and no need to pay in cash. Stamp fee is the paid by applicant when he arrives in Vietnam and it is taken by immigration officer. The stamp fee is paid only in cash; here not any online source is helpful.

Choose website of Vietnam government

If you are thinking to visit the Vietnam and applying for Vietnam visa then online sources are best for it. You should choose the best website that provides services related to the visa application. When you search for Vietnam visa online form in that condition there are many options appear in front of you. You should the website that is authorised by the government of Vietnam. There are some fake websites those charging money as visa application fee but in reality, they can’t apply your application. If you are travelling by air to Vietnam in that condition you are able to apply for Vietnam visa online. People are applying for Vietnam tourist visa more than other types of visas such as; study visa, business visa and so on. There are various tourist places in the Vietnam such as; temples, greenery, caves, mountains and so on.

The Khai Dinh Tomb is best tourist place and it is constructed in the year 1920 by Hue. In Khai Dinh Tomb bronze statue was placed and you can see the mix elements of European and Vietnamese designs. When you visit this particular tomb at that time you are able to know about many different things related to Vietnam.

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