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Basic Things To Know About Star Citizen

The game is worth billions dollar industry and there is a game called as star citizen popular for its incredible Gameplay. This game gets the lot much more crowd funding and it isn’t released even after lots of release date announcement from 2014. Well, star citizen is still available for gamers to play on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating system. To play this incredible game, you have to download it to your computer and install it. Then create an RSI user account so that you can access the game through that. The game is kept on adding new stuff and if you are already playing it then there are many things you already know about the game.

What’s New In Star Citizen?

There is a contest added in this game called as star citizen referral contest in which you have to refer this game to your friends and if they install then you will earn points. The other user who is installing this game through your reference code will achieve free Imperial (UEC; Currency of this game). People, who are interested in playing Star Citizen can visit http://starcitizenreferralcode.net/ and get the benefit of referral code. The game is getting lots of users due to referral code that is why they are providing lots of things in this game.

Sponsoring Your Reference Code

In order to get more UEC, everyone is engaged in sharing reference code. The website mentioned before can be used to sponsor your referral code but you have to fill up a form including telling a story. If they loved your story then they will randomly choose from good stories and sponsor the winner. Maybe there is nothing better than this because lots of users are signing up every day and this way you can get lots of points without working much.

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