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Which Headphone Should I Buy For My Xbox 360?

Passionate gamers want the complete and the best gaming experience, an experience that will completely immerse them in the reality of the game and that is why they splurge on the perfect gaming console and the display but something that they forget is headphones. Headphones are very important as they help you game seamlessly with the perfect audio, as if you are in the game at the game and you can head to http://hddmag.com/2016/10/5-best-xbox-360-headsets.html, so that you can choose the perfect headphone for your XBOX 360 based on detailed reviews.


The Tritton Warhead XBOX 360 headphones are the perfect headphones to immerse yourself in the alternative reality of the gaming world. These wireless headphones have a range of 5.8 GHz which makes sure that there isn’t any disturbance from other source and helps you to connect to two devices at once. It has two battery packs which make sure that you can game for long periods of time without having to change the batteries and the octagonal foamed headphone cups make sure that they fit you perfectly and also assure you comfort. Its 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound assures you the perfect gaming experience but this headphone is sure to burn a hole in your pocket.


The Turtle Beach Ear Force XLa headset is a very good option at a viable price. This is an on the ear headset which features cushy round earcups that fit perfectly. All the buttons are placed on the headset and very easy to control. You have a bass filter which allows you to play the audio at low frequencies and also a mute button which allows you to only play chat audio. It is powered with the help of a USB which also connects you to the console and finishes the hassle of batteries. The bass boost feels amazing during intense scenes even though it doesn’t have surround sound.


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