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All About The Nomad Capitalist

Capitalism is one of the most popular and widespread socio-economic system that is being adopted by countries nowadays. The model for capitalism which is widely perceived to be the best in terms of executing so is the United States. In a nutshell, capitalism simply means that businesses and capital, especially land are owned by a person, rather than distributed by the government, and business is by a single person or a group of people. Basically, you are somewhat left to fend for yourself in this system. Reid Kirchenbauer is one of those who are quite familiar with it, and has successfully made a name by thriving under this system. He is a contributor to the site Nomad Capitalist, and let’s find out some of the things he wrote about here.

On Investing in Asia and South America

One of the things that Reid Kichenbauer seems to endorse is for you to make investments in various countries throughout the world, especially in developing countries in Asia such as Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, and the Philippines, due to them either being frontier markets or places with a promising growth when measured in terms of GDP. Other factors weighed in include the costs for labor. The same principle is with South American countries, on the other hand. These countries include Panama and Mexico.

Things to Consider in Investing

According to him, there are a lot of factors which are worth considering when it comes to making investments in any country. First and foremost, you should never really hesitate to immerse yourself in the culture of that country, by mingling with its locals as well as being understanding and being proficient in their language. Apart from this, one should be able to properly assess the economic status of that country, especially in terms of GDP, Labor Costs, and their local policies regarding foreign investments.

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