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Proper And Valuable Knowledge About Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp is a most popular app which is popular worldwide. Many people around the world are using this app and having the benefits of the functions of it. The makers of this app are trying to improve it time to time as they offer to update Whatsapp after a specific time. Their latest efforts result in a new version of the app which is known as Whatsapp plus. Whatsapp plus is the alternative of the Whatsapp as it allows us to get benefits of more beneficial features. The current version of the app does not contain that features which the latest version of it includes.

Most attractive features of Whatsapp plus

You can Install Whatsapp free from the official website of the app also. The current version of the Whatsapp has only the wallpaper feature but the latest version have more than 700 different kinds of themes. Users can select the themes according to their choices and apply it to the app to make it more attractive than before. The current Whatsapp has no any feature of changing themes or styles. Its theme is based on green color and sometimes its users get bored of the one theme. They want to change it but Whatsapp has no any feature to change the themes. This leads to disappointment of the users. The latest version provides a lot of themes as the users can get the benefit of it. Whatsapp Plus also provides the new variety of emotions which the current version does not offer. The new emotions can make the conversation more effective.

In spite of it, people follow the trend to using some emotions in their chat to make it more attractive and effective. Whatsapp Plus also offers all such emotions which are available on the Google Hangout. You can also enjoy that features by using the Whatsapp plus in your android system.

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