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Great Sites For Online Movies

Have you ever had issues trying to watch movies online or gone on the internet to download a movie or watch an online streaming and it just keeps on redirecting you to some insignificant sites, and then you are wondering “where in God’s name did this come from. I know, it can be so frustrating and annoying, you’re just trying to do a simple task and it’s becoming very complicated, almost as if you trying to solve an algebraic equation.

Sometimes I keep asking myself, Has the internet become so hard to get information from, or maybe I just don’t know what to do or where to go? Having a one on one chat with a friend of mine, I asked the same question and she goes laughing at me. I eventually realized that the fault had actually come from me “Sorry Internet”. I actually did not know the sites to check for these movies, trust me there are a lot of pirate sites on the internet and it can drive you crazy and the fact that these sites are put up without a regulatory body supervising their content immortalizes piracy. It’s pretty easy to spot out pirate sites by the quality of movies they stream.

They are riddles with adverts and are cut into versions and chapters. This of course exempts retro movies which were actually shot with less standard camera and equipments. So if you see a new blockbuster movie with a poor picture quality, it was definitely the work of a pirate. However if you are looking for good entertainment with quality images, you should go for sites with accreditation and are legally authorized to distribute movies as well as air TV shows.

Well here are some very great sites where you can watch movies online, even soaps.

  1. Ganool.ph
  2. Movieberry.com
  3. Tvshows4mobile.com
  4. Netflix.com
  5. Tubi TV
  6. Retro vision
  7. Hulu
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