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Importance of logo in web design

After you have researched and outlined your business model, would a logo or would a website be the next logical step? Why do you think one is more important over the other? Have you ever had to make a choice to pick one over the other? How has it affected you and your business?

In my opinion, a logo trumps over a website for any business. When we have a business idea, a brainwave, a startup dream; it is very easy to get carried away and rush things. “Do it before someone else does!” your mind tells you. “Just put a name together, slap on a clipart and get the ball rolling!” it goads you on. “The website is going to cost heaps of money, so better save up on your logo costs because you really shouldn’t be paying to get a logo made or wasting your own time on it!” your brain advises you. So we rush things in our race to get there first, to land that first client, to make that inaugural sale. But in doing so, we are being extremely short sighted. We turn away a long term relationship for a quick one night stand.

Then why do you do it for your business? The local electrician in our suburb doesn’t have a logo and yet has a booming business. So what’s the need? All I can say is that I forget his name and remember the name from the catchy logo of the “other electrician” for whom I search on Google and call every time I have wiring issues.

So, I pick the logo. I have learnt from my mistakes and I have learnt to take it slow and do what is right. I feel a logo is vital and an absolute must for any business. The web design follows. I am sure there are many who will agree with me and there will be many who believe otherwise. Please join in the discussion and leave your thoughts for someone may read them and take heed from them. Tell us about your experience and tell us what you picked or what would be more important to you before you set sail on your new venture.

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