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2 exceptional Coaches to rely on when traveling

Whether you are from Singapore or have just toured the futuristic city of Singapore and plan to travel by bus to Melaka in Malaysia, there are some bus companies you should always book your ticket with. Undoubtedly, you want the trip from Singapore to Melaka to be enjoyable. Hence, you should travel by the best operators in the bus industry.

Notably, when you travel by bus to Melaka from Singapore, it’s relatively affordable compared to either traveling by train or taking a forty-five flight. In fact, there are numerous coaches to select from. However, in today’s article, we are going to look at the three leading coaches to travel with to Melaka. Allow me to enlighten you.

  1. Sri Maju

This company was founded in 1970 and currently has over 100 buses and branches all over Malaysia. They offer an enjoyable traveling experience and their coaches’ travel to major towns and cities in Malaysia. Melaka is one of the cities that its residents and visitors get services from this outstanding bus company. The other cities and towns served by Sri Maju are Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Genting Highlands among others.

  1. Lapan Lapan Travel

They are well known for offering exceptionally low bus fares, especially during promotional times. Their buses are spacious and highly comfortable. Moreover, they offer efficient services at all times. These coaches operate from Park Royal Hotel located at Kitchener Road (Singapore) to Melaka.

These coaches have a good reputation in offering outstanding bus services for passengers traveling from Singapore to Melaka and other places in Malaysia such as Ipoh, and Kuala Lumpur. Notably, there are good reviews from travelers who have used this bus service. So, any time you want to travel from Singapore to Melaka or any other town or city in Malaysia, first consult with Lapan Lapan Travel.

In brief

There are various companies that can help you travel by bus to Melaka from Singapore however, none compares to Lapan Lapan and Sri Maju coaches. Anytime you are traveling to Melaka from Singapore ant of these coaches will offer you remarkable services ensuring that your journey is the best.

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