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With Messaging Apps Becoming More Popular, Is There A Future For Sms?

Messaging apps are taking mobile phones by storm. The conventional means of communication provided by SMS is steadily becoming obsolete thanks to the ease of Internet access provided by mobile phone data connections.

Resilient as the old system may be, SMS communication is slowing down significantly. It still has a substantial offering of being non-exclusive. The bane of messaging apps is that they each of them are building their own fences. Using kik usernames, for example, can only be used in a specific application, which is in this case, Kik Messenger. Sending message cross-platform and between providers is still its biggest strength.

However, most people today don’t really mind installing a menagerie of messaging apps on their phone. Storage capacities are no longer a problem so even if someone has several groups of friends found across different messaging apps, they can easily switch between the messaging application with a simple swipe.

Messaging apps are also rich in features that even though each of them pushes exclusivity, people simply love them to bits. These apps have the advantage of taking advantage of phone data such as GPS location. Something that SMS is severely limited.

There are also new generations of emoticons and stickers that aren’t available in conventional SMS conversations. Sending a basic alphanumeric character combination that denotes a laughing face isn’t as expressive as an animated emoticon that’s tearing up from laughing too hard. And how should anyone expect to send a crying emoticon through SMS anyway?

Regardless of the shortcomings of SMS, it still has a place in communication. But it is undeniable that a large market of mobile phone users is disregarding SMS communication entirely. In time, network carriers may be able to find new uses for SMS. Or they can help it evolve into an entirely new service altogether.

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