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Food Poisoning Can Lead To Miscarriage

The food borne infections caused by bacteria are potentially detrimental for pregnant ladies and are one of the most common yet preventable causes that leads to miscarriage as well as stillbirths. This actually signifies that you need to be extra conscious about your diet, so that you can avoid food poisoning first trimester. The associated bacterial strains that lead to miscarriage are Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli and Toxoplasma. However, none of the preventive measures taken for food poisoning can be regarded as absolutely safe, but there are certain foods that you can avoid as it has greater risks of harboring the bacteria that causes the complication.


The salmonella bacteria in general cause a typical disorder known as Salmonella enterocolitis. It is also known as Salmonellosis. Symptoms of the disorder include abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and high fever. Chills might also be noted. The primary causes of the disorder are chicken, eggs and turkey.

Pregnant women are recommended eggs for good health, but make sure that the eggs are well boiled and thoroughly cooked before consumption.


Listeria species of bacteria are responsible for causing Listeriosis. The symptoms amongst the non-pregnant people include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. However, in case of pregnancy, a typical flu-like symptom has been observed, which is non-specific. The symptoms can range from high fever, body aches and chills to malaise. Nonetheless, pregnant women are more vulnerable to these infections and in America itself, Listeria infections during pregnancy is the most common thing to happen and it strikes mainly during the 3rd trimester. This infection stands a high chance and can cause stillbirth.

Cheeses and unpastereurized milk, deli meats, refrigerated or smoked sea food and meat spreads are some of the common harbors of Listeria.


E. coli happens to be a normal species of its kind and is present in our intestinal tract. However, some species of the same group tend to cause problem for us. Reports have allegedly revealed that these bacteria can also be a potential threat for pregnant women as it can cause miscarriage. Food poisoning caused by E.coli is known as E.coli enteritis. The common symptoms of the same are diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, cramping, gas and vomiting in rare cases.

Some of the common food items that can be a potential threat are:

  • Undercooked food or unsanitary food
  • Contaminated water
  • Unwashed vegetables and fruits


Toxoplasma gondii is one bacterium that causes a disease called toxoplasmosis. People often associate the disease toxoplasmosis with the cat litter boxes, which can be a probable case. But the disease can strike as a food borne infection as well. The common symptoms associated with toxoplasmosis include muscle pain, enlarged lymph nodes, mild fever, headache and a sore throat. The symptoms are quite similar to flu and that creates confusion. Under cooked food and especially raw meat is the primary cause of the disease.

Pregnancy demands a lot of attention and precautionary measures as well and you should begin with your food habits, as it is directly related to your as well as your baby’s health.

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