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Install Pokemon Go In Android Smartphones

Remember those days when after coming back from school how we eagerly waited for Beyblade and Pokemon? Pokemon at 5:00 pm and Beyblade at 5:30, that was the usual routine for most young kids back in those days. How obsessed we were with these cartoons, especially pokemon. Talking about the latest developments in the storyline, fighting over our favourite characters and showing off to our friends the latest collectibles that we acquired was one of the best feelings ever. Thinking about those days I cannot help but feel a pang of nostalgia sweep over me. Don’t you ever wish you could revisit those day? Or that they made just one more episode or maybe even a movie?Yes, there have been re-runs on TV, and a few developers have made some games based on it as well but there was nothing new and exciting about yet. Well, the wait of Pokemon lovers have finally come to an end as The Pokemon Company has finally released the official game of the popular Pokemon franchise which is called Pokemon Go. Released in July for iOS and Android devices in Australia and United States, it is yet to be released in some European and Asian countries. The game is available for free on google play store as well as Apple store, you can download it for free right away. You may want to check how to hack pokemon go so that you can achieve all the levels easily.

The game allows the player to train their virtual Pokemon through the real world. The players are supposed to make their avatar which is customizable to the fullest extent. The player can choose the hair and skin colors and have a range of outfits to choose from as well. Now the game can be played in two modes. As the player travels through the real world they encounter different Pokemons and true to their nature they are found in different habitats as well.

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