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Dating: Coping With Rejection

Rejection plays terrible games on our minds and our souls. It allows our judgment to be clouded. We don’t ourselves to see things for what they really are. You can easily become obsessive over the break up, wondering what and where it went wrong. You can spend the rest of your life wondering and never really move on. You may never get those questions you need answered. You may never understand why they did it.  Hell, they might not even know why they did it. It’s important that you think about each step that you take afterwords. It could really make you or break you.

The real question is “Did you really want them?” Were you in a relationship of convenience? Were you in a relationship because it was comfortable? Did you really love them? If you were a match made in heaven, then why did things go so terribly wrong?

It’s so easy to get brain fog after being dumped in Dating. All you can remember are the great times you had together. You totally forget the time that they slapped you upside the head and called you fat. The mind is a powerful thing, but rejection is just as powerful. We pine over all the good times. We cry over all the fun memories. Did you really love them or did you just love the idea of it?

Do a little exercise for me. Get out a sheet of paper and draw one line down the middle. Put your ex’s name at the top. On one side of the paper write “bad” and on the other side write “good”. This is a really quick way to learn if you are crying over spilled milk.

I knew the relationship was all wrong from the very beginning. There were red flags that I noticed but continued to ignore. I blame most of being dumped on myself because I shouldn’t have allowed myself to get in that sort of relationship, a relationship that was all wrong from start to finish. But, we cannot continue to blame ourselves. So, we were all wrong for each other, so what? So, things might have gotten out of hand every now and again? We can’t go back and change the past we can only move forward and press on for the future.

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